It’s been over three years!

Hello everyone,

It’s Charles here and I just wanted to give an update to anyone using this website. This was meant as a project I and four other classmates created in the sixth grade that I had assembled on a website at the time. We are all sophomores in highschool now and have gone our separate ways. With that said, there will be no maintenance or updates to the site in the foreseeable future. We ask that you use this simply as a resource to help fuel your imagination and not something to be plagiarized blindly. I appreciate all the positive feedback and apologize to those who I couldn’t help as much. I hope that this will be able to aid many more students as I wish I had a resource like this when I was assigned this project. Good luck on your projects and have a good day.

With all the best,



Hi Class!

This is a blog we made to compare a cell and its organelles to a basketball team and its parts. By the end of our presentation we hope you have a competent understanding of some of the main parts of a cell.